Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain – Consular Services

Legalization of Documents

General Conditions

The Honorary Consulate shall legalize the document when authentication procedure from the Philippine’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has been satisfied: signed by an authorized officer, ribbonized, with dry seal and documentary stamp.

  1. The DFA’s Authentication Division authenticates the documents sourced within the Philippine legal jurisdiction as mandated by the 1963 Vienna Convention.
  2. The DFA authentication attests to the genuineness of the signature appearing on the document and that it assures accordance to proper procedure.



  1. Original Authenticated DFA Document
  2. Processing Time:  2 to 3 working days
  3. Fees are as follows:

A. For Commercial Invoices

No. Value of Invoice Fee in PHP BD Revenue Stamp
11-1,000 BDPhp 2,00010 BD
21,001-5,000 BDPhp 3,00015 BD
35,001 – 10,000 BDPhp 6,00030 BD
410,001 – 20,000 BDPhp 12,00060 BD
520,001 – 50,000 BDPhp 18,00090 BD
650,000 – 100,000Php 30,000150 BD
7100,001 and abovePhp 40,000200 BD

B. For Legalization of Documents

No.Type of LegalizationFeeBD Revenue Stamp
1Birth CertificatePhp 2,00010.00
2Marriage CertificatePhp 2,00010.00
3Police/Driver’s License ClearancesPhp 2,00010.00
4College Diploma & RecordsPhp 2,00010.00
5Medical CertificatePhp 2,00010.00
6Employment CertificatePhp 2,00010.00
7Certificate Legalizing SignaturePhp 2,00010.00
8Certificate of Good ConductPhp 2,00010.00
9Certificate of IdentificationPhp 2,00010.00
10Certificate of InheritancePhp 2,00010.00
11Cession / Renunciation of PropertyPhp 2,00010.00
12Court Decision / Order / ResolutionPhp 2,00010.00
13AffidavitsPhp 2,00010.00
14Special Power of AttorneyPhp 2,00010.00
15Death Certificate
16OthersPhp 2,00010.00

Note: Applicants who would like to visit the Honorary Consulate for legalizing documents should send an email requesting for an appointment and stating the purpose of the visit at enquiry@bahrainconsulate.com.ph before visiting the Honorary Consulate.